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Jessica Lathrop

Personal Mindset Strategist

Is your life insanely busy?

Do you struggle to say positive?

You might even find yourself feeling like your to-do lists, deadlines & goals are running you instead of the other way around...


That's what I am here for!


Let me help you find ways to maximize your happiness,

tackle your goals like a pro, and build your 'Gratitude Attitude'

so you can find enjoyment in your every-day life.!


I believe people can accomplish amazing things,

but sometimes just don't know where to start.


No matter how busy you are, how hectic your schedule may be, or even if you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed,


Using neuroscience and powerfully easy habit-building skills, I can help you learn quick & simple ways to train your brain- 

so you can become more positive and attract abundance!

The best part?

This actually only takes a few minutes a day.

The beauty of combining science and strategy is that we can

narrow down what will work the best for YOU, to help you

eliminate wasted time and get to the core of your best self.


Get in touch today to start building your BEST life.

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Combining Science & Strategy for Effective Results

Tools That Can Help Even if You're Busy or Overwhelmed

  • Are you struggling to enjoy life the way you know you should?

  • Do you doubt yourself, question your goals, or unsure what to do?

  • Are you so busy that you feel guilty even taking a few minutes of time for yourself?

  • Is your schedule crazy, your free time non-existent, or you feel overwhelmed with everything?​

We can develop a plan with sessions tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and YOUR life, together.

Goal Identification Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

Happiness & Gratitude Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Self Esteem & Personal Care Session

Get the Most out of Life

Explore the Articles and Workshops

Empower Yourself

Achieve Your Goals

Excited about the idea of being happier but feeling uncertain about how to get there? Sick of living the same day, every day?


You can make a HUGE difference with even a few minutes of time, with the right strategy, the right tools, and the right helpers.


Self-improvement doesn't just change YOU,

it changes the entire WORLD.


That's why I do what I do, because every happy

person makes this world a better place for all of us.