©2019 by Jessica Lathrop

What if you could spend just 10 minutes for 10 days to grow up to 10x happier?
Would you do it? Or would you make excuses?​
What stands in the way of YOU and being HAPPY?

Are you too busy? 


Are you overwhelmed? Got too much going on? 


Or maybe you just don't feel like it's worth the time and effort?


Whatever your excuses have been in the past, let them go. 


This program is FAST.

This program is EASY. 


This program was made with BUSY people, like you and me, in mind 100% of the way.


The 10-10-10 Journey was designed to help busy people shift their mindset towards happiness and gratitude using quick and easy habit building skills & scientific strategies- all in 10 mins (or less) per day. 


So what do you have to lose?

10 minutes? Maybe....


But what do you have to GAIN?


Happiness. Joy. Feeling more in love with your life. Appreciating the little moments in between. Building a goal-crushing mentality. 


Don't short-change yourself. 

You deserve to be happy. So seize the moment.


Better yet, seize TEN minutes!

Check out the 10 Day Itinerary Below!

The new, HAPPIER you is knocking...

Are you ready?

Get excited!​

The 10-10-10 Journey comes with a FULL 10 days of amazing content...




1. Colorful printables to make each day easier & more interactive.

2. Incredible resources from inspirational videos, mood-enhancing playlists, and more!

3. Ideas & suggestions to stack up your progress AFTER the program ends!


Can't wait to hear all about YOUR amazing 10 day journey!